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Francesca Bonazzoli, Michele Robecchi

Mona Lisa to Marge

How the World's Greatest Artworks Entered Popular Culture

$ 24.95| £ 16.99

This highly entertaining exploration of art, history, and commerce reveals how 30 masterpieces made the journey from image to icon.

How did paintings such as the Mona Lisa and The Scream achieve worldwide recognition? Why do certain artworks populate T-shirts, mugs, calendars, and advertising? Witty and well researched, this accessible exploration of visual and pop culture reveals how particular works of art have become part of the collective imagination. Readers will learn that Myron’s Discobolus only became widely known when used to promote the Olympics, that Leonardo’s Last Supper was one of the first paintings to be mass-reproduced, that the Mona Lisa became a celebrity only after being stolen from the Louvre, and that Girl with a Pearl Earring was deemed a minor Vermeer until it became the subject of a bestselling novel. Ranging from classical to contemporary, traveling through the Renaissance, Surrealism, and abstraction, Mona Lisa to Marge offers insights that are in turn thought provoking and surprising. Generously illustrated, it features the original artworks as well as the cartoons, ads, book and album covers, and everyday objects they inspired. The book will open readers’ eyes to the artistic images that have become universal touchstones—and the fascinating stories of how and why they got there.

Original Title: N.N.
Originally published by: Lazy Dog Press
With a foreword from Maurizio Cattelan
Paperback, with flaps, 144 pages, 19,5 x 24,0 cm, 150 color illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-7913-4877-3
US March 03, 2014
UK March 03, 2014
Status of delivery: This title is available.


Francesca Bonazzoli

Francesca Bonazzoli is an art historian and the art critic for Corriere della Sera, Italy’s largest daily newspaper. Her many publications include Mona Lisa to Marge: How the World’s Greatest Artworks Entered Popular Culture (Prestel), which she co-authored with Michele Robecchi.

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Michele Robecchi

Michele Robecchi contributes to Art in America, Art Pulse, Flash Art, and Interview. He is co-author of Mona Lisa to Marge: How the World’s Greatest Artworks Entered Popular Culture (Prestel), as well as monographs on the work of Robin Rhode, Sarah Lucas, and Zhang Huan.

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